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Screened Loam Topsoil

Antico knows how to move dirt! And, lately we have moved a lot of it. In the process of excavating and preparing a site in Holden, Massachusetts, we have recovered and screened acres of loam.  We are now able to offer this screened, topsoil loam to the public.  This is a rare opportunity to purchase natural, virgin, ledge loam, recovered from a quarry.

This loam has been screened to remove any clay lumps or rocks to ensure a uniform texture.  Since it is true virgin topsoil, it is high in root exudates, beneficial microbes, and organic matter. This topsoil is so rich, it is better than many companies' blended soils. It can be used for gardens, lawn dressing, leveling, fill, potting soil and many other uses.  There is limited availability, so call soon at this special number:  781-330-2572.

Specific pricing and exact directions available over the phone.  Location of Loam/Topsoil - Holden, Massachusetts.

Topsoil - Screened Loam
 Pickup or Delivery

Residential - Commercial - Industrial

70 Charles River Road
Waltham, MA 02453
(781) 330-2572